Let’s Ride Bikes!

The new Mesabi Trail section!

One of the reasons we live here is for the fantastic cycling routes, both on and off-road.  For starters, we are just a few blocks off the Mesabi Bike Trail– one of the longest paved bike trails in America.  For years, we have been the end-of-the-line, as the trail terminates at Giant’s Ridge Golf and Ski resort a few miles away.  But this year a new section has been completed from Giant’s Ridge to the Laurentian divide at Highway 135, about 12 miles from Green Gate.  This new trail is very scenic and peaceful, with no signs of civilation (not even a road crossing!) once you leave Giant’s Ridge behind.

Also slated for completion this summer is the Biwabik-McKinley section of the Mesabi Trail.  Once finished, you’ll be able to ride the Mesabi Trail all the way to Grand Rapids about 100 miles to the West from the Green Gate door.

I have also began mapping out some of my favorite road rides in this area on the MapMyRide website.  These are available free to anyone, and can be found by searching for rides near Biwabik, MN (look for those posted by “GreenGateGuestHouse”).  We will have paper copies of these routes available for guests to use during their stay as well.  Check ’em out and plan you cycling trip to Green Gate this summer!

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