Green Gate Goods

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“Your guest houses are like a living Pinterest experience!”

After receiving comments like this for years, we are excited to begin offering custom pieces for sale through our new label, Green Gate Goods.  Huge slabs of locally-harvested woods, reclaimed wood, iron and various repurposed elements make up our media.  If you’ve been searching for that special hand-crafted piece, or have an idea in your head that just needs to be created, then give us a call- we welcome commissions!

Story benches: furniture that tells a tale. Our unique “story benches” (several of which can be seen at Giants Ridge Resort) relive the mining, lumber and railroad history of northern Minnesota’s Iron Range.  

The Y-table. When several large maple trees were removed from our local city streets, we saved some of the logs from the burn pile to shape them into beautiful furniture pieces.  This coffee table maintains the live edge on one side and is milled straight on the other to fit perfectly as a coffee table.  A hand-chiseled butterfly inlay accents the “crotch” end.  The steel tripod legs were repurposed from a bicycle rack.  The finished piece measures approx 14″ wide (narrow end), 23″ wide (crotch end), 53″ long and 18″ tall.  $500

Logger’s bench:  This particular piece was crafted from a half-round slab of locally-milled white pine, repurposed rusty iron conveyor rollers, and salvaged timbers from our very own Green Gate Barn.  Measuring 64″ long X 22″  wide X 17″ tall, this piece functions well as either a bench or coffee table.  $500 

Floating Oak:  This curvaceous slab was milled from a fallen farmstead oak, polished smooth and mounted on thin steel hairpin legs for a floating effect.  If you want your coffee table to be a topic of conversation, purchase this piece! $500